• No.:PF-002
  • Name:PF-002 PF-002 series of screens
  • Prices:139 yuan / ㎡, the restriction of 30 m 2 / person
  • No.:BGT-028
  • Name:BGT-028 Taiwan office
  • Prices:1399 yuan / sets, restriction of 2 sets / people
  • No.:BGT-033
  • Name:BGT-033 Taiwan's campaign office
  • Prices:199 yuan / Zhang, only 5 / person
  • No.:SF-020
  • Name:SF-020 SOFA
  • Prices:1198, limit two / person
    Hung Hing Funiture Factory in Nanshan District Shenzhen  (^-^! good news: Our top international domain name formally open now: www.jiaju88.com! And our Chinese domain name: www. Shenzhen furniture factory. Com & www. Shenzhen office furniture will together offer complete info. and service for you. Our company's National Service 0755-86326917 feel free to contact us if you need any high-qualified service about your home furniture. We have the same idea that we also try our all efforts to fulfill your wonderful home dreams. We have a group of professional sales to all the furniture market in Shenzhen. Client's success is our success, let's join together to work for building the first funiture brand in China!  Thank Lord!) We are a professional design and manufacture of high - Booths, screens, Daban Tai, Daban Yi, Taiwan's meeting, the meeting chair, off Taiwan's Fair, parlor chairs, training tables, chairs training, staff Taiwan, office Zhuanyi, filing cabinets, office sofa, Daban Yi, school furniture, And toilet partition, such as the well-known furniture manufacturers.
      Welcome to visit the factory orders, personal measurement venues free of charge, free professional CAD design; urban [free shipping, free five-year warranty service]. I also undertake another furniture plant project, curtains, carpets, furniture maintenance, care and other projects. Since the creation of self-plant, after all the staff for their hard work, in the excellence, pioneering and innovative, community service philosophy, commitment to product innovation, and provide users with "high-quality products, first-class service." Constantly digging new era The new.

     We (the plant) is located in the Nanshan District Baishi Zhou Shahe Kong Street, the new industrial zone on the 1st, covers an area of over 20,000 square meters, four floors. Under the five major workshops, both solid wood shop, metal shop, plate workshop, the wall workshop, sofa chair workshop. Annual output value over 100 million yuan. Superior environment and convenient transportation. (A plant) is located in the Nanshan District, Xili source of the village mayor Hang Industrial Area T100-dong, an area of 3,600 square meters, the main production office wall, the plate.
      In order to better matching products, I plant the introduction of advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad, has hundreds of experienced, skilled technical personnel, and outstanding workers, professionals in various production, high-end office furniture.
      ! Our products five-year warranty, three-year warranty system, many manufacturers have won the praise, we provide a full range of advisory services, free computer design, free professional installation and maintenance. "Superb technology, first-class service, excellent products", "customer satisfaction, success is our success!" Is our consistent pursuit of the goal.
      We have to Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of Shenzhen City Design Research Institute, a hospital, the hospital, the China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, Foxconn, think of a group, Chun Wah Group of several well-known enterprises and institutions to provide me Factory production of office furniture.
      We will continue adhering to the "quality first, credit first" purpose of serving. To continue all-round, multi-level comprehensive pre-market launch, sales, service projects to rapid market response, the art of character design, supporting a wide range of space, leading to the trend of the times! The new leading furniture fashion!
We pursue the policy is: persistent pursuit of the art of fine products! Continuous innovation of new products of the office!
      We hope that through the continuous efforts of staff and improve family furniture in the core competitiveness, and constantly open up new areas, and like-minded friends, the company created a win-win, win-win situation and common development in the fierce market competition So that in itself will always be in the lead role, customer-focused, to create you and I, more brilliant tomorrow.


    ! Good News: I GM plant at the real-name - "Shenzhen Furniture Factory," "The hippocampus home", "Hong Kong furniture" open! Furniture needs friends in the browser address bar entered into the "Shenzhen Furniture Factory," "The hippocampus home", "Hong Kong furniture" to our plant site! More convenient and professional!
     I plant a 24-hour hotline support :0755-86327543, 86326917,13148797422 Yao Yuan to managers, Wang Chun, YAO Ying-ying (e-commerce Manager)
     Web site: www.jiaju88.com MSN: kuailewangzi999@hotmail.com
     Online support QQ: 272462721,763926474,657044595  

     www.jiaju88.com, Shenzhen Hung Hing professional custom office furniture factory wall, the wall desks, filing cabinets, Daban Tai, conference table and negotiating table, the Taiwan office, training tables, etc.; Changjia sales Daban Yi, meeting chair, parlor Chairs, training chairs, sofas and other office staff chair. Hotline :0755-86326917, 13148797422  Mr. Yao, professional-quality, reliable, Chang Jia direct, absolute superiority!  For more professional furniture, just go to Hung Hing!!!

Yao Jingli famous saying:
       Do a good job in a single business, you might earn more money; hand a close friend, you may earn lifetime, a group of good friends with a smart, good decision-making, uh, you Wanshihengtong! ^ - ^
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